May 17th, 2007

Veronica smile

Veronica Mars Is Dead. Long Live Veronica Mars.

It's over, you guys. Dawn Ostroff said it herself. Not only is it over, period, but she doesn't even seem that confident in the FBI thing happening (which she doesn't even mention by name, just some "project with Rob and Kristen" that may or may not be Veronica-related).

I know the show got two more chances than it deserved, given its ratings, and that's two more than a lot of shows get, but seeing the C-word popping up all through the media today, now with added validity from Dawn's statements at the upfronts, hurt more than I expected.

Here is a conversation I just had with a co-worker:

"I heard they cancelled your show."

"Yeah. It's very sad."

"Well, you look distraught."

"Yeah. That's why."

I was looking for a conference room to go in and be emotional, but they were all occupied. I finally went outside so I could call Rob. I wasn't surprised when it went straight to voicemail. I rambled about being sorry for everyone and passing on thanks from the fans and best wishes to everyone involved to get more work.

"It wasn't real until today," I said, which finally allowed the tears to come out. I hung up before I became a bawling mess in front of Rob Thomas's voicemail. I had a short little cry against a column. I couldn't believe I was crying over a TV show.

But it was more than a TV show, of course. It was an experience. The last three years have changed my life forever, there is no question about that, if only for all the wonderful friends I've made through the love we all shared at one point. It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, and being a fan has caused me a lot of pain and anguish as well, but it was worth it. It was definitely worth it.

Thank you, Rob Thomas and company, for giving us three seasons of television worth watching and obsessing over.

Thank you, Dawn Ostroff, for giving it every chance you could.

And, finally, thank you for making this all one hell of a ride.