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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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May 16th, 2007

12:15 am - I Can Still Do Long Division, but I Can't Quite Remember All the Continents
Briefly, Gilmore Girls:

In the winter of 2001, my brother showed me a rerun of the two-part Christmas special, "Rory's Dance"/"Forgiveness and Stuff," which were so good I felt my loyalty to Buffy being compromised. It wasn't compromised enough to watch it instead of Buffy, of course, but when the WB began rerunning season one on Sundays, I caught up, often watching with polyhymnia. I started watching Gilmore Girls live and taping Buffy (not because I liked it more, but because a Buffy tape would be more in demand). When I moved to Ann Arbor, I had weekly GG viewings with Steph and Ronnie. For me, Gilmore Girls was a communal experience. It was as much about the people it brought together with me as it was the show itself.

I watched the pilot tonight and was reminded of how great it was. I remembered that Lorelai and Emily is me and my mother to a goddamn T. I remembered that this was really a show about families and how they work.

The finale was a lovely sendoff for the characters and for Stars Hollow. I had been wanting the show to end because it didn't seem to have as much of a hold on me as it used to, especially when I was watching it by myself every week, but saying goodbye was still sad.

You'll be missed, Gilmore Girls.

More briefly, Veronica Mars:

While there has been no official word, the latest story is that Dawn will actually delay her decision until after the upfronts...and she has until June 15. Given that there appears to be zero chance of the show coming back in its current form (the FBI thing is all anyone is talking about), I'm treating next week as a series finale. I want to know I'm saying goodbye and appreciate it, like with Gilmore Girls. It's not exactly enough for my neurotic brain to consider actual closure until the network actually makes a damn decision because WHO KNOWS, you know, but it's something.

You'll be missed, Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars 3.18: I Know What You'll Do Next Summer (a.k.a. Ryan Likes Children Who Are Invisible! It's a Thing!)Collapse )
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