April 12th, 2007

Iroh slurpy noodles

Woman Private Detective, Dead Girl, Character Name in Title

As seen on your flist, it's the IMDb Keyword meme! That's where you head to IMDb, find your favorite shows, and then pick three of the Keywords helpfully submitted by IMDb users. See if you can guess the shows from the Keywords! Some of these shows are on longer on the air, mind you; some are British; and one Keyword has been corrected because it's inaccurate but too amusing not to use. Sadly, some shows have very few Keywords, making it hard to pick a non-obvious combination, but I tried to use fun Keywords instead. Everybody play! There are some here that only certain people are likely to get.

1. Real Life Siblings As Fictional Siblings, Title Spoken By Character, Defecation Oz: fmith
2. Closeted Homosexual, Alcoholic, Actor Shares First Name With Character The Office: atropos16 and lodessa
3. Returning Character Killed Off, Carpenter, Boxer Rebellion Buffy the Vampire Slayer: syderia, amy37, lonesomepioneer, and bspalek
4. Class Conflict, Femme Fatale, Interracial Friendship Firefly: lodessa
5. Premarital Sex, Brother Brother Relationship, Golf Entourage: hildawookie
6. Creator Creation Relationship, Religious Differences, Good Versus Evil Battlestar Galactica: lodessa
7. Attempted Child Murder, Conflicted Hero, Rich Girlfriend Angel: lodessa
8. Anger Management, High School Football, Greek Tragedy Smallville: cindywrites
9. Death Of Hero, Dark Past, Fish Out Of Water Doctor Who: bspalek
10. Babe Scientist, Famous Opening Theme, Father Son Relationship The X-Files: kerrypolka and atropos16
11. Stabbed In The Shoulder Head, Sperm, Anesthesia Green Wing: fmith
12. Comic Book Shop, Pop Culture, Dog Spaced: violet4120
13. Crushed To Death, Electrocution, Death By Falling Dead Like Me: lonesomepioneer and bspalek
14. Psychopath, Vigilantism, Double Life Dexter: syderia and lonesomepioneer
15. Spoiled Child, Identical Twins, Self Referential Arrested Development: atropos16