April 6th, 2007

Thank you!

Come On Down and Claim Your Fabulous Prizes!

So remember when I promised limericks to people who donated to both me and Courtney? Time to make good on that deal:

For daynr:

There once was a woman named Ayn, see,
Who wasn't allowed to dress fancy,
Because showy apparel
On a lady so fair'll
Belie her disguise as Drew, Nancy.

For jenelope:

Her Internet name is jenelope.
She's got more suitors than Penelope.
But she needs no man
As long as she can
Watch TV. For this rhyme, she'll yell at me.

For foresthouse:

Let's talk of a girl named Delaney.
Whose interests are somewhat insane-y.
She's got pet chinchillas
Who aren't ghostface killas.
In conclusion, Kevin Kline.

There is another promise-y thing I made for myself, which was the Rob Thomas Honorary Recap, in honor of his whopping $250 donation. He didn't suggest an episode to do; rather, he told me to do one I liked. But I thought I'd also find out what you liked, since you'll be reading it. Here, have a poll!

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incidentist, rowanceleste, and maxymama, please let me know what you would like in return for your winning donations. A recap, a filk, a post, whatever!

Everyone else: my current total is $2,701! I'm so close to achieving my goal of $3,000. Please make it happen! Every little bit helps. And especially consider donating if you participated in yesterday's meme because, dude, I spent hours replying to you people! Don't you think people with AIDS should be compensated for my time?