March 25th, 2007

Mal dance

Autoerotic Eyes-Fix-iation

I present to you today's Girl Story of the Day, especially for metabeta, who I'm sure has missed them dearly.

Waiting in line at the toll booths guarding the Bay Bridge, I heard some racket outside; someone was blaring the radio with the window open. Since Live105 was in commercials, I turned down the radio to pinpoint the source of the noise.

It was to my right, just in front of me. A car full of cute girls. If there's one thing I like, it's a cute girl. If there are two things, it's a cute girl and pizza. Anyway, these cute girls were blaring some rap song, and I am not the world's biggest rap fan, but that was cancelled out by the fact that the white Caucasian she-devils were grooving along to the music like nobody's business. Nodding their heads, bouncing up and down. The girl in the passenger seat was singing along and making hand motions along with the music. Totally shameless, just letting herself go, dancing like nobody's watching, like the office cubicle poster says. And why should there be shame in that pure, unadulterated happiness? Why must we be self-conscious about enjoying ourselves?

It made me smile, and I looked back upon passing them. I'm not sure if the driver noticed me smiling at them. Later, I thought I should have given her a thumbs up to show that I approved of their spectacle, for it brought me joy.