March 13th, 2007

Frou Frou

Free Will and Wanton Glitter

1. I ran eight miles on a treadmill yesterday, while wearing my sling. It turns out that as long as I keep my arm supported, it's pretty fine, but if I let it jangle about too much, I get the occasional owie. But I don't think a dislocated shoulder should keep me from running a marathon. I'm either very committed or stupidly stubborn.

2. On that note, I am a mere ELEVEN DOLLARS away from the fundraising requirement. If you get me there, I will answer five questions, interview-style. Now, according to this post, the contest is almost over. According to my records, there is a three-way tie between incidentist, rowanceleste, and maxymama, if I include only those people who I can identify as readers of my LJ. I have not decided whether I want to break the tie or be creative for all three of you. Normally, I would go with the latter, but in my current condition, I don't look forward to doing three big recaps plus an honorary recap for Rob's generous donation. Also, I owe daynr and jenelope limericks. All in good time. All in good time.

3. Meanwhile, as I said earlier, I'd like to go for an even $3,000, and I think I can do it with your help. I'm training in a sling, you guys. I haven't yet thought of a proper reward for the highest donor between the official goal and my new personal goal, but I'll think of something, or you'll think of something. I'll make a post at some point.

4. The earliest orthopedist appointment I could get was next Wednesday. Even the nurse who scheduled it used the S-word. *freaks*

5. My car is in the shop. Think happy thoughts. Incidentally, the mechanic had also dislocated his shoulder multiple times, and even after several surgical interventions, it continues to pop out, but he just pops it back in.

6. In all the Shoulderpalooza, I missed Buffy Appreciation Day. Reading some of the posts reminded me how much I fucking love that show. It changed the way I watched television, and, thus, it changed my life. Trivia: my first episode was "Witch," and until my birthday a few years ago, I had never seen "The Puppet Show."

7. It was fucking hot out, so I figured I should eat ice cream tonight. But then I thought, is The Black Donnellys worthy of ice cream status? And then I thought, duh, in honor of JOEY ICE CREAM. ...And that was your peek into my brain for today.

8. I...don't want to link it, but I also don't want to not acknowledge it. If you know about it, you know about it. I don't really know what to say. (ETA: Per idreamofpeace's wishes, I am linking to it. I knew her most recently as glitterlust, but others had a much richer history.)

9. eirefaerie and I are going to talk to Paul Haggis and get him to do an episode in which the whole show is recast and we find out how full of shit Joey Ice Cream really is, because Tommy is short and brutish, Jimmy's a redhead, Kevin's a woman, and Jenny's Chinese. And not that hot, but she paid attention to Tommy, and that's what counted.

10. Laughter. It's what's for distraction.