February 19th, 2007

Live fast

Someone Flew! Someone Dew!

I have a whole host of before-the-cut items tonight!

1. Yesterday, I had lunch with Keckler and Belchimaera! We talked for three hours about TWoP and TV! It was awesome! Woo, people! Sometimes, they do not suck.
2. From cran: Heroes fans need to watch this One Tree Hill promo. Just do it. Trust me on this one.
3. From soleta_nf: Since I imagine that most of you guys are very smart, you should really read this fascinating article. Be ready for your world to crumble in an avalanche of psychoanalysis.
4. From thekateyouknow: On a less self-aware note, Newsweek finally realized that TV is better than movies.
5. And speaking of TV and movies, I have finally jumped on the Black Donnellys love train. Find the original pilot and watch it. It's seriously like a movie, but half as long and with no cursing. And better music choices than whatever the aired pilot will have. Damn you, music rights!

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