February 17th, 2007

Ty Lee is prettier

Hey There, I Like Your Hair Loopies!

Avatar fans, I am about to MAKE YOUR DAY.

Courtesy of peri_peteia: "School Time Shipping," one of possibly THREE chibi-style shorts for the "Escape from the Spirit World" game that's supposed to keep us occupied until whenever the hell they decide to start Book 3. The password is Koh. (Note: you should also play the game itself, as it gives you awesome comic books that tell you about the past Avatars!! Find the passwords here.)

It's...pretty much the most hilariously absurd and amazing bit of fanservice in all of recorded history. IT'S LIKE THEY LOVE US, YOU GUYS.

I have been wanting to write another grand post about why you should all watch Avatar and discover its amazing awesomeness and experience the endless fount of love and witness, in Zuko, one of the greatest character arcs I've ever seen, but I haven't gotten around to it. Maybe if I just keep mentioning it, you'll give it a shot. It now has raelee's endorsement! That's got to mean something, right? She watches three thousand shows, so she knows quality when she sees it!

Avatar, I love you so!! With your giant flying bison and epic betrayals and sociopathic teenagers and schoolboy crushes and snarky banter and MY CABBAGES! and hybrid animals and political intrigue and TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPH and plot twists that aren't actually plot twists but exactly where the plot should go if you stopped to throw away your expectations of televison story conventions and gorgeous music and phenomenal cosmic powers in an itty bitty living space and a hundred years of pain and suffering and I believe Aang can save the world and and AND OH MY GOD. Please don't not give it a chance because it's a cartoon on Nickelodeon.

Mike and Bryan rule the school. Step aside, all other showrunners ever.