February 16th, 2007


I'm Coming Out!

As a Supernatural fan.

I considered it a guilty pleasure, and I felt sort of ashamed for liking it so much, in the way that you wouldn't actually tell anyone in real life that you watched it.

But the second season has been much better than the first season in terms of most everything, and it's continuing to draw on its own mythology and worldbuilding and continuity to propel the story forward. I look forward to it every week, not least because of the incredibly awesome promos that are among the best I've ever seen. And I started a sort of tradition of eating ice cream while I watched it, which I used to do with BSG on Fridays and I still do with Heroes on Mondays.

And then last night's episode, which managed to be funnier than The Office, which was funny as hell as per usual, just pushed me over the top. Because I could tell that everyone involved in making the show loves the show and they have fun and I respect that, the obvious thought and sentiment that goes into the work. And a show like that? Deserves to have my unabashed, undiluted love. I don't promise flail and squee or anything, but a healthy appreciation unburdened by bias and preconceptions and bolstered by higher expectations.

So, Supernatural, you have won me over. I would not even be averse to purchasing your DVDs at some point, as the extras and packaging look worthwhile.

I love Supernatural. This is going to take some getting used to.