February 1st, 2007

I am not a chick

Who Wants to Marry an Indian Dude?

I do have one small order of business to take care of first.

Dude, which one of you donated A HUNDRED DOLLARS to my AIDS Marathon fund? Because I think I broke my feet yesterday, but I am amazingly grateful for your generosity. I don't recognize the name, though! If only we had credit cards in our LJ names. If you want to remain anonymous-like, I understand, but do know that you've pretty much got the contest in the bag. Unless some other people organize to take you down. Thanks to everyone who's donated so far! I've got over $300 already. What's even more amazing is that, collectively, we runners have raised over $28,000 already. And we haven't even begun training! Go AIDS Foundation, go!

So my mom has been on my ass to give her my biodata, which is essentially my dating résumé. Because finding a wife is a long, arduous process, and if I don't find one soon, I'll be 35 and still not have a wife! Woe upon my Cylon heart! I must be some sort of hot commodity or something because the Mohinder Sureshes of America are already asking my parents if I would take their Kelly Kapoors off their hands. I am of marrying age, after all, and I'm going to expire soon.

My biodata is what gets passed around the Indian community to advertise my total awesomeness as husband material. So this may very well be the most important document of my life. Which is why, rather than make it the boringest boring that ever boringed, I got a little more creative. Because what do where I went to school and how tall I am really say about me, anyway?

My parents will probably hate it (since they won't get any of it), but I figure that if my potential mate is out there, she'll dig it. Of course, her parents will probably hate it (since they won't get any of it), so I'm likely screwed. Whatever. Life will find a way.

I present to you a first look at my biodata. Suggestions?

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Now, I also want to add some testimonials. You know, "But don't take my word for it!" So if you all could come up with some nice soundbites about me (that are suitable for parents!), that would be swell. Don't worry, I won't credit people by name or anything. But it would be a fun thing to add, if it's allowed.

Who wants to marry an Indian dude?