January 11th, 2007

Head and shoulder

So, Basically, This Ad Board Was Totally Awesome

There are few more eye-opening experiences than a department off-site. While the topics presented ranged from tips on giving good presentations and the diversity of personality types to the process for performance reviews, the real interesting material comes from interacting with co-workers outside of the office, especially when under the influence of alcohol. That's when you find out who's sleeping with whom, who's having major issues with another co-worker that you get along with fine, who got someone fired that always seemed to treat you well but apparently didn't do right by others, how often "leaving to pursue other interests" meant "fired," and the fact that even grown adults you respect as colleagues sometimes want to punch their boss.

It was really great, though. Even though I had nothing to contribute to the college football discussion Monday night, I felt like we all bonded as a team, even the remote employees we don't see in the office regularly. I was called the "little brother" of the office because I'm so young and everyone looks out for me, which is nice. I suppose the term was apt in another way, given that someone was a little disturbed that one of my favorite shows was also one of the favorite shows of her seven-year-old son.

Perhaps the best thing that came out of the last few days was bonding with an upper-level colleague I had been helping out for the past week or so; I continued to offer my help as the deadline approached Tuesday night. As a result, not only will she be recommending I get a nice bonus, but if all goes well, I may get to make a poster and attend the biggest conference of the year. I feel that our alliance will be quite beneficial. But shh. Don't tell anyone.

I would have been able to enjoy myself more, however, if I hadn't had a terrible head cold for the past four days. Not that I needed to do anything special, of course.