January 3rd, 2007

Dating Kristen

I Went to Rice, I Must Be Smart

Tonight, as you all know, was the season premiere of Beauty and the Geek. While I'm generally against reality shows, I got a wee bit hooked on the last few episodes of the last season of BATG after my little sister made me watch it because she said Ankur was JUST LIKE ME. I didn't really agree, but it got me to watch the show, where I got caught up in some of the couples and crushed on Brittany and rooted for Josh. The show was surprisingly enjoyable, even though I was unsure how I felt about its approach to stereotypes. But frankly, I truly liked what they were doing. I felt like the contestants did grow and learn over the course of the show, and that made me feel warm and fuzzy. And there is the competition there, but no one ever tries to screw other people over. They just play to win. It's nice.

So I checked out the website to see if it was worth checking out this season, and by "worth checking out," I of course mean were the Beauties hot. And...they weren't, so much. Except for Collapse ) who was pretty and had a very nice smile. And in motion on the show, she actually reminded me of sincerelysummer. Or maybe all pretty girls remind me of sincerelysummer.

Then I took a look at the Geeks. And then I saw that one of them was named Collapse ) And looked like a Niels I'd met Owl Weekend at Rice, and, in fact, had gone to Rice with me, I was pretty sure. The website said his education was at Berkeley, however. But, really, how many Nielses can there be in America, especially ones that I recognize?

I somehow remembered his last name (it wasn't Bohr, criminy), and sure enough, it was him! Wow. And he's doing his Ph.D. work at Berkeley. So weird! I left a comment on his blog saying we should meet up, although he'll probably be all, "You only want to meet up because I'm on TV," and I'll be all, "Well...mostly." It's not like we were ever close, but we did meet the weekend we visited Rice, and so we had a Bond throughout our four years. And by Bond I mean we knew each other and said Hi and stuff. Funnier still, I had forgotten (or maybe I hadn't known in the first place) that he and pixie37373 had worked on a senior design project together. The world is crazy awesome hilarious sometimes.

So that cemented my decision to watch because, come on, I've got to root my fellow Owl on. Go Niels, woo! Although from his bio on the site, it looks like he won regardless since he did have a life-altering experience that's made him happier and feel more successful, so, good for him!
"Seeing how much people can transform has changed my life. I want other people to be able to experience the same change I went through on the show. For me the show was not just an opportunity for social transformation, it was an opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate the entire direction of my life."
It's way weird to watch someone you knew in college on television. For the record.

I would feel like an idiot writing an entire post on the BATG premiere, but I will gladly discuss it with the five other people who watched.