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Thoughtpocalypse Now

As I was walking to my car wearing my Scott Pilgrim shirt and carrying my Umbrella Academy umbrella, I said to myself, "Who's gonna marry this guy?"

This month's episodes of Dollhouse have been INSANE, and I will not rehash my thoughts except for, of course, OMGWTFBOYD. And in regards to how that reveal fits with what we've seen before, I had the following revelation today while discussing with zimshan:
See, given his actions in the last episode, I'm not sure it was totally a ruse. I mean, clearly, the dude was nuts. And it seemed that his motivation to start the brainpocalypse was mostly so that he could be in control of it since it was going to happen anyway, in his opinion. So all his questioning of what they were all doing could very well have been genuine, but it has a different tinge and subtext to it now: he's not just speaking in hypotheticals, he knows they're going down a dangerous path, and he feels helpless to stop it.
So I feel sorry for all the people who didn't get to see "Epitaph One" before tonight. The previously/teaser reeeeally didn't explain what the hell was going on clearly enough for anyone who didn't know what the fuck they were watching. But I was excited that the episode didn't even have time for credits!

Felicia Daaaaaaay! All right, honestly, just like in "Epitaph One," I had trouble buying her character. I don't think she sells "tough" all that well. It takes me ten or fifteen minutes to get used to her, and then I'm okay. I enjoyed Zone and mini-Caroline.

I almost laughed at NEUROPOLIS because it's such a silly made-up futuristic name, except it's kind of awesome and I love that they went there.

Priya! Little boy! Adorable little T! T for...Tiger? T for...Trevor? T for...Tax Evasion? T for...

Topher, holy shit, oh God, Topher. They killed someone in front of him every fucking day. AS IF HE DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH ON HIS CONSCIENCE. And why didn't he just fucking kill himself? Because he was trying to figure out a way to make it all better. Even though the threat of cancellation may have sped up his evolution a wee bit, watching Topher grapple with the consequences of his genius has been a wonderful, terrible story. I never hated Topher, and I always thought he was far less weasel-y and evil than a lot of people thought in the beginning, and now I say nyah nyah nyah. He turned out to be one of the best characters on the show.

And Adelle! And Topher! Oh man. I almost half-ship them. ALMOST. Except I love how protective she is of him, more like a mother. The same thing I said about Topher above goes for Adelle: I wish they'd had time to slowly develop her awakening to what the Dollhouse was doing and, like Topher, owning her complicity in the whole sordid endeavor but resolving to do her utmost to fight back.

I was sad that Priya and Tony weren't a happy, loving couple in the future! But Tony was kind of awesome all teched up with his gang of technorebels. The weapons expert was Maurissa Tancharoen, right?

Nooooo, don't shoot up Felicia Day's legs! That's mean!! I could give a shit about Ballard's head, but Felicia Day's legs!! As for Ballard's head: someone's been watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Well played.

Alpha reformed?! Oh man, this timejump is so useful for crazy shit like that. How did that happen? Why? Oh man.

The scene with Echo mourning Ballard actually made me buy their relationship. Like I said: timejump. In that amount of time, I will accept that they developed real feelings for each other rather than weird creepy obsessive fixations.

(T for...Tony!) T for...

Topher, holy shit, oh God, Topher. I really didn't want him to die, but if he was going to die, this was the best possible way to do it. The writers could have easily had him design a phlebotopulsometer that didn't involve a close-contact explosion, but it had to end this way. I feel like there must have been so many times Topher contemplated suicide, unable to live with what he'd done, but he knew that because he was the one who had done it, he was the only one who could undo it, and if that meant going insane, so be it. And as he stood up there in Adelle's office assembling his device, looking out at the post-thoughtpocalyptic wasteland he'd helped create, I thought, "This is so unfair. He can't even have any cool last words that will live on for all eternity! THERE IS NO ONE THERE TO HEAR THEM!" And then he turns around and sees the wall of remembrance.

The wall that says REMEMBER, when he is the one who made them all forget, it's what he does, but inside all of those Actives whose brains he mucked around in, there was a person, a real person with a real life, and you can't replicate that on a computer, you can only get really close—and this show has really made me think about how close—but the wall is full of a wide variety of human beings with diverse personalities and backgrounds that they came by fair and square, the way we have for generations.

"Huh," says Topher, and he doesn't even get the chance to have any sort of epiphany or revelation, maybe a split-second of real, genuine happiness for what his sacrifice is going to bring about, his final word is Huh, and then Topher is no more, and it kills me. Maurissa and Jed and Andrew: I hate you. By which I mean: mad props.

Echo letting Ballard in—ew—was kind of lame, but I'll go with it. That's going to be an interesting relationship.

I wonder who Alpha is now.

Oh, Adelle.

Did someone accidentally cut off the last half-second of film? The ME card seemed to come in rather abruptly.

(That was a happier ending than I expected. I mean, hey, they really did save the world.)

I am truly impressed with and baffled at how awesome this show became. It started doing things and asking questions I really hoped it would and then ones I hadn't even thought of. It may not be the best show in the Whedonverse, but I think it's very thought-provoking and interesting science fiction, and the characters were unexpectedly compelling, and...

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