December 12th, 2006

Teapot of lurve

Another Thing About the Indian People: They Love Sex Positions

So, most of you know I don't read fanfic, as a rule. I've been known to make some exceptions, but I am not a fanfic person.

YET, I am here to promote a supercool ficathon!


hobviously believes all non-Christmas holidays are underrepresented in fanfic, and she wants all of you ficcers to go wild and represent, what what. Her post has more details, but I think it's a great idea. Fanfic is so widely read that writing about underrepresented holidays is a way to educate people about other cultures! Is this not a moral imperative? Get in the non-mainstream holiday spirit!

And just to make this post not totally all about not me, check out the new cell phone I just ordered. DRAGON PHONE. I do believe that this does, in fact, make me cooler than all of you. COMBINED.

I salute you, Chad of T-Mobile.

In conclusion, here is my summary of the Ramayana:
Once there was Rama, and he was a pimp! Then some megapimp bee-yotch named Ravana stole his ho, Sita, and took her into the jungle. So Rama went out and bitchslapped that bitch so he could bring his bitch back home. And then Rama got all mad that some megapimp bee-yotch had been all up in his bitch, so he banished her back to the jungle, where she had two pimp twins. Finally, Rama thought the gods might kick his ass for being a little bitch, so he went into the jungle, and everyone lived happily ever after, yo!