December 10th, 2006

Thank you!

Even Diamonds Start As Coal

So, I generally eschew those memes and quizzes that pervade my flist because they show up three thousand times and aren't very interesting, BUT I finally found one that's really cool because it's interactive! Instead of telling me what sort of blood diamond I am, you get to put fake gifts in my fake stocking! It's way cheaper than actually buying me a Christmas present, you know?! So be nice to me, as you have been nice before (yes, I have noticed the nice things you people have been saying about me in anonymous love memes, thank you so much!).

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Oh, and you know what? Since I'm posting one meme, I might as well post that one where you take the first sentences of your first posts from each month, right? Just for kicks:

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And for those of you who have diligently been awaiting my BSG post, there won't be one. I didn't feel like it was worth writing about. (Sorry, Jane. Not your fault, maybe?) And I don't feel like ragging on the show when other people are still enjoying it. I think it's losing me again. If you want, you can relive my ragging on "Black Market," because it has a joke I really like.