November 24th, 2006

Narrate like whoa

A Thanksgiving Miracle

Last night, I perused the Circuit City Black Friday ad and noticed some pretty good deals. I already intended to go and consummate my newfound Office love by purchasing the first season for nine bucks. But, hey, Entourage S2 was on sale, too! And so was My Name Is Earl! Although I was becoming iffy on that purchase, even though there had been a time when I intended to buy it. I wasn't really in lurve with it, and it didn't seem like most people cared about it anymore. Plus, I would feel better as a person owning Entourage. It's more...respectable. And serial. Even though buying S2 without S1 was kind of weird for me.

But most of that is inconsequential. The point is, I realized I should stop being so mememe and maybe look for things other people might want. Like, for instance, my BFF Melanie who has a birthday coming up. And I saw that House was on sale for a ridiculously low price. I remembered watching part of an episode on our Chicago trip, but I couldn't remember whether she was actually a fan. I thought she was. So I called and asked and discovered that she, in fact, loved House, so I told her I was getting her the first season for her birthday. "Thank you!" she said, surprised.

Circuit City opened its doors at 5 a.m., but there was no way I was getting up that early. I woke up around 6:30 and made it to Circuit City a little after 7. There was a line to get in. Damn you, capitalism!

Once in, I tried to find the DVD section. There were some other sweet deals I was interested in, but they were mostly already sold out. The display rack seemed to be out of both The Office S1 and House. Shit.

I checked the normal racks, scanning alphabetically. Nothing. I saw a guy with what looked like three sets of House DVDs standing in line, and I wanted to smack him. I finally found an Office S1 hidden behind some other titles. At least it wasn't a total loss. I clung.

I looked at the movie racks and found Entourage S2 hanging around. I grabbed it. Misfiles! These could be my savior. I scanned the movie racks multiple times, looking to see if anyone had dropped House somewhere it didn't belong. No go.

Then I heard someone ask about the TV on DVD that was on sale, and she was directed to the bins by the checkout line, and SHIT! All this time, I thought those bins were only for the movies!

I sifted through for close to fifteen minutes, with no luck. THOUSANDS of My Name Is Earl sets mocked me with their not being bought, and I resolved even more not to buy it out of spite. I did come across Entourage S1 in the bin, so maybe it was on sale too? I carried it along. But no House. I looked in all six bins, even though it looked like only three of them had TV shows in them. I was hoping someone had tossed it into an adjacent bin.

I was defeated. Once again, I looked through the stacks, seeing if someone had dropped a set off after deciding not to buy it. It seemed like it was sold out. I didn't even see it in anyone's hands.

Until I did. I asked her where she'd found it, and she said she'd found it in one of the bins, and she'd seen several!! Maybe they'd put some more in, or something!

I began hurriedly sifting through the bins yet again. The woman said she'd found it in one of those bins. Less than a minute later, some other woman searching an adjacent bin said, "Who was looking for House?"

Before it could even register, before I got out an "I was looking for it" or a simple "Me," before my feeble little brain could even process what was going on, an Asian man in line had said the magic word first, and she passed it onto him. And then she heard me and apologized sincerely. She said she would keep looking for it. The woman who'd pointed me this way said she'd seen several copies. She described the color of the set to the other woman who was looking for me.

I was tossing DVDs left and right. Friends was mocking me with its similar color. I said out loud that I'd promised it to my best friend for her birthday, in hopes of gaining the man's sympathy. Maybe I could talk him out of it. How attached was he to it, anyway? I thought of paying him to give it to me. I hated him so much! I was totally there first! I was the one looking for House! I HAD DIBS.

The other woman said she was looking for Cheaper by the Dozen 2. I resolved to keep my eye out and gain karma. I didn't see it. And I couldn't fucking find House. I felt like I'd gone through every inch of those bins. Another man in line said that Borders had it on sale for a little more, but still a good deal. And they were less likely to be swamped. I thanked him. That would be my next move.

I asked a salesperson if they had any more House DVDs in the back or something, and he said if I couldn't find it in the bins, it was sold out. I had lost. I would have to try Borders.

I bought what I had. To my surprise, Entourage S1 rang up for fifteen dollars, so it was on sale! Good for me. But then S2 rang up for thirty! Wait a second, the salespaper said that was the one on sale. It said "18 episodes." And while I thought S2 only had 14 episodes, it was close. She said that I could do a price check at customer service.

I checked the paper, did say season 1. But 18 episodes. There was a typo, since season 1 was only 8 episodes. I wondered whether I could get them on that. I walked to customer service. The line was really long. Maybe I would just keep it, whatever. I stood, indecisive, because this is how I shop.

And then someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and it was the Asian man who said, "House." And presented me with House S1. I DID NOT UNDERSTAND. At first, I thought he'd given up his own copy or something.

"I felt so bad," he said, "but I didn't want to lose my place in line." Of course, I understood. "But I knew I'd seen more."

So after he bought his own set, he went back and looked for another one, FOR ME. FOR MELANIE.

"Thank you!" I said. "Thank you so much!" Rather than hug him, I touched him on the shoulder to show my appreciation.

I went back to the register, almost in tears. Sometimes people really surprise you.