November 17th, 2006

Veronica smile

I'm Just Like You, So Leave Me Alone

Good news: Veronica Mars got a full season!

Bad news: The full season is only 20 episodes!

Er. Modified rapture!

So, look, I've been wanting to do that fandom meme where you write about your fandoms as if they were lovers or friends or whatever, and, well, I'm just not good enough. I'm not creative enough to match what I've been seeing. And I probably haven't interacted with texts in interesting enough ways, and I don't get obscenely bitter because I generally just like everything or tolerate it, so they wouldn't be much fun anyway, right?

So instead, I'm doing limericks. Guess away.

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Iroh slurpy noodles

Wasn't the Millennium Falcon or the Enterprise

Hey, look, you guys! It's time for another Secret Snap Cup Meme...yeah, I don't know what snapping and cups have to do with anything, either. If you're in a good mood, please say something nice about me. I've really appreciated what some people have said, and I could definitely use some more right now.

Also, I suppose we're going to go down fighting: everyone please vote for #8 as many times as digitally possible. What's 500 votes? If she wins, she can actually afford her visit to me!

I would like to thank peri_peteia for warning us West Coasters that Nickelodeon is FULL OF CRACK and began airing Avatar TEN MINUTES EARLY.

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