November 3rd, 2006

Baltar/Six pain enchain

Baltar Still Gushes with Evil Intent

I've finally discovered the wonders of Pandora, and I'd like to share a few song addictions it has given me after discerning my particularly awesome musical tastes.

Flyleaf - Cassie: I loved "I'm So Sick," and this song has the same elements I love about that song: a hard-rockin' riff and an interesting female vocalist. I like her, although I think others might not.

Timo Maas - Like Siamese: I realized why this song appealed to me when I looked it up: the guest vocalist is Brian Molko of Placebo. minim_calibre, if you're skimming, pick this up. You'll dig it. Nice little electronica ditty.

The Cranberries - New New York: I think the Cranberries are better known for their more dreamy songs like, well, "Dreams" and "Linger," whereas one of my favorites has always been the much more rockin' "Salvation." And this song is much more in that vein, as they rock the hell out like I did not know they could do. I just read the lyrics and discovered it's so obviously about September 11, so I'm not sure I feel comfortable rocking out to it. But it's more like, "THEY CAN TAKE OUR TOWERS, BUT THEY CAN NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!" Or something like that. It is fun to rock out to, regardless.

And now it is time for Avatar squee, which only a handful of you will care about. WARNING: CAPSLOCK AHEAD.

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Okay, we're back to regular text now. Time for that other Friday show.

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