October 9th, 2006

Good for you

Previously, on Veronica Mars!

Last week, Rob was all, "You know how you're always coming to me with great ideas for online content? And you know how sometimes I don't respond to an e-mail for ten days? Here, talk to these guys instead." "These guys" were the people responsible for VM online content like the MySpace pages and podcasts and Veoh videos. I'm not entirely sure whether they want their identities revealed, so we'll call them Drake and Josh. They were happy to talk to me, as they wanted my input on something they were planning on launching soon (which I will pimp in this very post).

Since their idea involves fans filming themselves, I mention that I started this site, helpmeveronica.com, that stemmed from a similar idea. I ask what they expect from their project.

And Drake, in the course of his response, says this:
I think our fans are extremely creative, as is demonstrated by the helpmeveronica site. We were wondering who was behind that...

I am totally floored that they had stumbled across it ALL ON THEIR OWN because come on, guys, it's not like anyone ever talked about us that your regular working joe would find.
Also, I was pleasantly surprised that you had already heard about helpmeveronica.com! How did you find it? I think it's funny that you all were wondering who was behind it, because several people over there like Rob and Rick Pickett knew!

Drake's response is not very informative but actually pretty fucking cool:
I guess we found the website where we find all of our information... the grapevine.

THE GRAPEVINE, folks. We actually made the grapevine. People were actually talking about us. It sure didn't feel like it, but THEY WERE. I know the thing about tracking virality is that you only see what people post on the Internet, but to discover that we somehow ended up on a grapevine that filtered down (or up!) to Drake and Josh was a small vindication.

Josh, however, delivers the best response ever, which I have recently deemed the epitome of hilarity:
That's so funny that all those people knew you were behind Help Me Veronica. We had producers on set there looking into it to see if they recognized anyone! Ha!

We confused people who worked on the show. Oh, God. I don't think I am ever allowed to feel like our efforts were a failure again. This was pretty hard evidence that my "No one cares" refrain was fairly inaccurate. We entertained those plucky hearst_helpers. And even if we didn't reach that many new viewers, it's clear that we were noticed. We were talked about. And the more chatter there is, the greater the likelihood that the site will hit people who've never seen the show and pull them in. We're totally taking credit for that thousandth of a ratings point. Modified rapture!

All of this leads up to the unveiling of the new Veronica Mars fandom challenge, which is described below:
Wanna show Veronica Mars some love? It's your time to shine. We're looking for you, the fans, to help keep the world up to date on what's going on. Here's the happs...

After each show we want you to create your own recap clips. They have to be under two minutes and they can't use any images/sounds from the show. Beyond that, Neptune is your oyster. How do I do that, you ask? Get creative! Write something, shoot something... you wanna act it out, wanna animate something, do a dramatic reading? It's up to you.

The submission with the most views/highest ratings will be featured on Veoh, MySpace, and the VM Video podcast the morning of the next show. So be sure to be active... watch and vote for your favorite videos. We'll also pick a staff favorite each week to be showcased. So start uploading, minions... Fame, fortune, and creme brulee await.

I honestly have no idea what kind of submissions they're going to get, but you guys are teh awesome, so I think you should represent the fandom well. Get cracking! And clothe yourselves properly!

If, however, you find that you REALLY NEED to use clips from the show in order to recap the episode, come over here, where we're working on designing Two-Minute Replays à la NBC. This was the idea I went to Rob with initially, the one that got me in contact with Drake and Josh. See? It all comes full circle.