October 4th, 2006

Smarter than me, Smarter than me again

It's a White Man's Sport!

Michael made good on his promise. The Veronica Mars premiere party was at aiglet's house, and about half the party had gone to get food from a nearby taquería. We who remained somehow figured out how to order pizza.

It was during the first commercial break of Gilmore Girls that my phone rang. I saw that it was a Private Caller and turned down the volume.

"Hey, Michael," I said. I asked him how traffic was, and he said that I would probably be his last or second-to-last call because he was almost out of traffic. I told him we had just ordered pizza, and he told us to save him a piece. I said I'd put him on speakerphone so he could deliver his special message to everyone else.

Who is that? people wondered. Michael Muhney, people answered.

harriettheelf kind of freaked out. It was pretty amusing. "You are the person to hang out with," she said, "when it comes to Veronica Mars!"

Michael chatted with us a bit, asking what time it was. We said we were on his time, and we were watching Gilmore Girls. The show had actually come on by now, but I let it go because, really, would we miss anything important?

The news of Muhney on the Phone spread past the living room, and cadhla and Julie kind of hilariously made their way to the group gathered around my cell phone. I think I may have been the only person there who had met him, so the novelty value was very high!

I didn't really hear everything he said because I was too busy enjoying everyone else's reactions, but I'm sure he told us to enjoy the premiere and all that. As he hung up, he told me not to be a stranger and probably called me swarthy.

After I put the phone in my pocket, harriettheelf said, "That really happened."

Do you know what else really happened? THE VM SEASON THREE PREMIERE, BABY!

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