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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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October 1st, 2006

11:12 pm - HelpMeVeronica.com: A P-C! True Internet Story
Have you been to helpmeveronica.com, the very first Veronica Mars alternate-reality game (ARG), which took the Internet by storm, garnering multiple high-profile media mentions and hooking thousands of new viewers with its viral mayhem?

Um. Well, have you been to helpmeveronica.com, the very first Veronica Mars alternate-reality game (ARG), which about five people cared about?

Yeah. It was my idea. Hi. I'm not the CW marketing department, contrary to popular speculation. I'm sorry for playing dumb the last five weeks, but that's the nature of the beast. You can't be the Man Behind the Curtain if you have no curtain. And when the curtain looks like the CW, people are more interested. More importantly, people outside the fandom find you more credible, and they were the target audience from the beginning.

What I don't think people realize, however, is what an incredible achievement this was. Which is why I am telling our story. It's a story about a story, and it's full of harrowing drama, thrilling heroics, rollercoaster emotions, and Nazis.

Week 1: In which Sunil has an awesome idea that is not nurtured initially but ends up infecting his brain such that by the end of the week, the execution is already well underwayCollapse )

Week 2: In which the first video is released to mixed reviews, the scope of the project grows, and someone wonders what the fourth wall is made ofCollapse )

Week 3: In which we meet our greatest adversary, the second video is released to no reviews, Sunil discovers his true calling as Taunty McRapist, and the scope of the project grows againCollapse )

Week 4: In which we creep out many people, upset many people, and puzzle many peopleCollapse )

Week 5: In which no one caresCollapse )

Week 6: In which no one continues to care, but we remain fucking awesomeCollapse )

The whole experience can be summarized in the following scene from porpentine's surprise birthday party yesterday.

Rey (silverkun) notices my 09er code shirt (designed by Rae!). He then asks, out of nowhere and completely unprovoked, "Have you been to helpmeveronica.com?"

I laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more. Rey is unsure how to interpret my reaction.

I laugh some more. He is still befuddled.

"I started helpmeveronica.com," I say.

"Oh," he responds. "Rock on!"

And he gives me a fist-bump.
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