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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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September 3rd, 2006

01:58 am - Five Bands, No Waiting. Okay, Some Waiting.
Five bands for five dollars. How could I pass that up? Thank you, Oakland Art and Soul Festival, and thank you, Live105!

I took the BART downtown, paid my five dollars, and walked in. It was a little after eleven, so I began scoping places for lunch, and then I remembered how expensive carnie food is. As I approached the main stage, I saw that the freaking MyNetwork TV people had set up a booth to promote their ridiculous telenovelas. Oh, Desire! Oh, Fashion House! How very little do I want to see you!

At the Live105 booth, there seemed to be some sort of basketball shooting in order to get a free T-shirt. I love free T-shirts like eirefaerie loves cheese, so I gave it a go. And lost. I resolved to try again later.

As it was early, I could stand pretty close to the stage. The crowd was gathering. I felt old among the legions of high school students. I noticed a familiar-sounding song coming out of the speakers and realized it was a cover of "Suffragette City." I wondered how many there didn't know it was a cover.

A couple guys came on to thank sponsors and all. They identified themselves as Tom Anger and Miles the Intern. Craziness! It's always weird to see radio personalities because you're so used to just hearing them, and you hardly picture them as real people. And then there they are in the flesh.

HoneycutCollapse )

Silversun PickupsCollapse )

Plain White T'sCollapse )

LostprophetsCollapse )

New Found GloryCollapse )

In conclusion, I love music.
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Current Music: Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

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