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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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August 18th, 2006

12:14 pm - Caution: Do Not Blog While Driving
Some of you may have heard about Drive, Tim Minear's new project for FOX, his abusive boyfriend. It's about a secret cross-country road race. That's pretty much all I knew, and that's all you get to know at this point.

A couple days ago, by some crazy twist of fate, Blogger.com chose, as a Blog of Note, the Drive blog. This was very fortuitous because I had just been contacted by the person in charge of the blog to write a review of the pilot script. He posted his own, which is really good. My review of an earlier draft went up today, and I will reproduce it here behind a cut because, well, I wrote it. But you should also go leave comments on the blog post itself to show interest and create buzz! Neither review contains any major spoilers; we've both done our best to keep as much under wraps as possible because the surprises in the pilot are so much fun.

Now watch this DriveCollapse )

Read the reviews and get anticipatory! I really think this one might actually have enough mainstream appeal to last till the end of the season. Conspiracies and paranoia are totally in these days. And did I mention Nicholas Lea plays an important role? With both arms functioning!
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