August 10th, 2006

When Polter-Cows Attack!

Hey, Dromiceiomimus! Are You Still Punching Children?

I feel the coast. The coast to post!

That...didn't make any sense. But! Here is an assortment of post-worthy items.

William Hartnell. They should make a movie about Duncan, Lilly, Jake, and Celeste flying across the country. And you know what they could call it?


Patrick Troughton. I am still sad that they never used "Blame It on the Kane" as an episode title.

Jon Pertwee. veejane has put together a wonderfully hilarious list of things to do when you can't win an argument. Anyone who has ever participated in or witnessed any sort of kerfuffle must read this. hobviously and peri_peteia in particular will die laughing. An excerpt:
7. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. (Literally, "this happened after, so the thing that happened before caused it.") Scientists call this one correlation is not causation, because it's so easy to insinuate a causal connection where there isn't one. "I ask for proof, and then she stops posting. Hmmm, she must not have any proof!" Carefully disregard possible other causes, like the fact it is two in the morning and you asked for proof in Latvian.

Tom Baker. There's a party on my right wrist, and none of you are invited.

Peter Davison. If you have not seen the Veronica Mars promo that was shown at Comic-Con, watch it now and remember why you love the show. If you do not love the show, see why you should.

Colin Baker. Also, if you have not seen OK Go dancing on treadmills, you really must see it for yourself. And then grab some friends, go buy some treadmills, and hurt yourselves.

Sylvester McCoy. Today's Life Lesson is: sometimes there is harm in asking.

Paul McGann. On several occasions, I have been told, here at work, that people have frequently heard my name being used in a favorable manner. This freaks me out, as I cannot possibly be good enough to be worth being talked about.

Christopher Eccleston. Happy birthday, wee_warrior!

David Tennant. You know what's good? Guacamole.