August 6th, 2006


I Mean Technically Our Marriage Is Saved

Meeting incidentist (Dan) for dinner at the Elephant and Castle and eating a bruschetta chicken sandwich that is not as fabulous as the description sounds, and you can't even play chess with it: $12

Going to the Punch Line and meeting Dan's brother and his friend; seeing Jason Downs, who is generally pretty lame and unprofessional but has a few good jokes, Brent Weinbach, who is ridiculously hilarious in an indescribable way, and Ty Barnett, who is just as funny as you expected from seeing him for five minutes on Last Comic Standing; and adhering to the two-drink minimum by having about 6 oz. of Coke and 6 oz. of ginger ale: $26

Walking to North Beach to accost e_juliana (Juliana) at Blanca Cafe, running into debg (Deb) and em_angharad (Emily), with whom you spend nearly an hour trying to derive the Pythagorean theorem on a napkin (with Emily, a budding math teacher, that is, not Deb, who doesn't believe in math), and consuming some very yummy chocolate gelato: $5

Even good panels could go awry. The way Comic Con gives attendees direct access to creators and talent is one of its most appealing aspects and one of its most maddening; the traditional open-floor Q&A sessions can be cringe-inducing. For the record, Veronica Mars star Enrico Colantoni would rather be covered in poop than eat a small serving of poop, and Rosario Dawson will politely refuse to look at your screenplay even if you promise it contains "a really good role for you."
Getting an oblique mention in The Onion A.V. Club: PRICELESS

(P.S. I love you guys.)