July 27th, 2006

Mortal wound

This Ain't Your Momma's Stars Hollow

So. There is a strong rumor going around about Veronica Mars getting new "artsy" credits for the new season. This has made us wonder, of course, whether they would also change the theme song.

Now, there are two things that came out of Comic-Con that inform this post:

1. Rob said that the network wants them to be a good companion piece to Gilmore Girls.
2. Done the Impossible featured quite a bit of filk, which made me realize that this fandom is woefully short on filk.

And I am just the man to change that.

I give you the new theme song for Veronica Mars.

If you're out in the car, feeling deadly, and so noir,
All you have to do is breathe extra and I'll be there with my camera.
Where you sneak, I will follow anywhere that you lead me to.
If you peek, you peek into the wrong room, I will follow where you sneak.