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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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July 26th, 2006

03:25 am - Farewell My Comic-Concubine
It was a harrowing weekend, to be sure. If you are up for it, hear my tale. Spend several thousand words for me. In fact, some of those thousands of words will be in the form of pictures. Yes, although I did not dress Blinky up, he got taken out somewhere fun. Feel free to skip the sections that don't interest you.

Friday night hijinksCollapse )

Getting to (and into) Comic-ConCollapse )

The SimpsonsCollapse )

Ray Bradbury/Ray Harryhausen/Forry AckermanCollapse )

Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: AtlantisCollapse )

TV Guide: 2006 and BeyondCollapse )

Veronica MarsCollapse )

Autographs! Or...notCollapse )

Done the ImpossibleCollapse )

Cavalcade of costumesCollapse )

Sunday hijinksCollapse )

Thus ends our harrowing tale. I did have a good time at Comic-Con, mostly, though I agree with April that anyone who went to Austin doesn't need to be that envious of people who went to Comic-Con. The scheduling allowed almost no time to just hang with friends, and the size made it almost impossible to meet people. Never mind the inability to talk with the VIPs. Oh, Comic-Con. Next time, just invite the cast and Rob over to my place, and we'll have a party. You guys are all invited.
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