July 12th, 2006

Kristen wants me


Am I cooler than the Cylons?

Next Friday after work, I will BART down to the Oakland aiport and fly to L.A., where I will spend some quality time with dahliam, my dearest friend in the entire world named Dahlia.

Saturday morning, we will head down to San Diego. aprilbegins, do you have wheels? I haven't had a chance to ask if you can join us.

So I took a look at the Saturday schedule for Comic-Con and came to the conclusion that it was definitely in my best interest to join cadhla and her posse on Have a Seat Island. Basically, if you want to find me on Saturday, look for me in Room 20, inching closer and closer to the front. But, seriously, guys, I want to know what everyone's plans are so I can make sure to meet the people what need meeting! There are hugs to be delivered, dammit!

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That is pretty much the plan as I know it. I would really like to fill it more with you people. You guys make it all worth it.