July 5th, 2006

When Polter-Cows Attack!

This Change of Plans Brought to You by the Letter A

So I had no plans to go to Comic-Con, really. I knew I couldn't take time off work because it's deadline season around here. But then athenacqd said she was going, and I think she's tops, and if you don't think she's tops, you're...wrong. She came up with the brilliant idea to just come down Friday evening, so I could still attend the VM panel on Saturday. San Diego was one hell of a drive, however, and flights were more expensive than they should be. And then aprilbegins, with whom I walked in Austin, goaded me along, advising me to just come down to L.A. Friday and drive into San Diego on Saturday. And...I think I can do this.

Help me make plans! Who all is going to be there? I want last names and current status. (I don't, but any excuse to quote the Dresden Dolls should not be missed.)

Assuming I can borrow the car, I can make it down to L.A. by 9 or 10 Friday night. There, I can stay with dahliam. First of all, is anyone else in the area planning on going down? I assume cadhla and her posse will be going down earlier in the week. But what about hobviously? holly96? beeker121? Sister of ivyisgilgamesh? Anyone want to get in on this action? You would need somewhere to stay in L.A., however. If I cannot get the car for some reason, maybe I can fly down; flights to L.A. are cheaper than flights to San Diego.

L.A. peeps! What are your plans? ivyisgilgamesh and your crew! Are you guys driving down Saturday morning? I know aprilbegins is. We should coordinate and shit.

I've never been to Comic-Con and don't know how anything works, but I guess I'll figure it out. If you're going to be there, I want to know so I can meet you if I haven't and hang out with you if I have!

Now, what's going on Saturday night? Is it worth it to stay in San Diego? Will all the L.A. peeps merely be driving back? If staying in San Diego is a good plan, where can I stay? I could sleep in the car if need be. Also, more importantly, athenacqd is looking for a place to stay if anyone has room to spare. Since she doesn't have the option of going back to L.A. to sleep, priority goes to her.

Is anything happening on Sunday in San Diego? Is that why it would be good to stay? If nothing is happening and I am in L.A. on Sunday, does anyone else in L.A. want to see me? pix_kristin? aimeejmc?

This is all of course assuming I find a way to get down there. But I think I can make this happen. I'm just so terrified of VM getting cancelled and making me uncool that I want to take advantage of these fun fandom gatherings while they exist.

Also: I need to buy a digital camera before I go. Give me recommendations as to what and where to buy. My price range is $200-$300, and I'd like a fairly small camera that's easily portable and not too noisy. It might as well be able to take video too. And of course I'd like the best specs one would need (I believe 5.0 megapixels and...some high number of optical zoom, not digital zoom, is what I'm looking for?).

Finally, here are random shout-outs to sincerelysummer, who was once my enemy and is now my friend, and kammgirl, who is far too sweet to me.