June 16th, 2006

When Polter-Cows Attack!

And I Sense That You Are

So, the votes are in, and Saved by the Bell is indeed a cultural touchstone for my generation. Ghostwriter also made a surprisingly good showing, and the Nickelodeon shows (with the exception of Roundhouse) were expectedly popular. Sadly, the 1995 cancelled trifecta were the big losers, with Space: Above and Beyond coming in dead last.

And speaking of, gymble and I watched the pilot on Wednesday. And, um, maybe when I was fourteen, I did not recognize incredibly bad overdramatics and blatant sci-fi/military/drama clichés. And in the nineties, we didn't mind that special effects looked like they were rendered on someone's home computer. It was fun to snark on, but I didn't remember it because of its snark potential! I remember it because I loved it! I am assuming the show actually gets good during the course of the series, but I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of quality in the pilot. It made me appreciate Firefly and BSG a whole lot more.

But Liam Fitzpatrick! In a spaceship! Rocking out to the Ramones! What more do you want, really.

I also got Sports Night DVDs from waitaminute17, who is so awesome for giving them to me. I've watched the first season but not the second, and I'm rewatching the first to refresh my memory. I considered skipping the first two episodes since I'd kinda seen them pretty recently at the F2F, but I decided what the hell, can you really watch a Sports Night episode too many times? After finishing up my work early last night (I've worked 26 hours of overtime in the last week!), I watched the first three episodes. Here are some thoughts:

  • I love the relationship between Dan and Casey. It seems rare to simply show a strong friendship between characters rather than either a romantic relationship or just coexistence. And I love how strong their friendship is.
  • Oh, Natalie! So flopsy and adorable but ever-so-slightly annoying. Sabrina Lloyd can come and cuddle with me anytime.
  • Sorkin's technique of having characters repeat the same line over and over is very transparent but still funny.
  • In the second episode, Casey is canonically uncool.
  • Dan's apology makes even me cry. In that bite-your-fingers-to-keep-from-crying way.
  • The national bird of Finland is the whooping swan.

    Finally, only two of you took on the challenge to write an entry as me, but both were so awesome that I have to display them for everyone to see.

    First, athenacqd manages to summarize this entire journal in just a few lines:

    So, I was sitting on the train today reading [insert long book title here] when I looked across the aisle and noticed that [insert easily identifiable demographic subject here] was reading [insert second long book title here]. I found the [second long book title] to not quite live up to the hype, but I found myself wondering what [he/she] thought of it.

    Oh! I got my [obscure and cancelled tv series] dvds today! Big *hugs* to [random lj user] who pimped it to me. She [who are we kidding? it's ALWAYS a she] knows good tv. Plus she makes out with me. You guys should check it out, if you can find it.

    The writers are going back to work on Veronica soon! I made Rob a mixed cd of songs he should include in the show. I'm not sure if [insert alterna/indie band name here] would really fit, but I think [insert second alterna/indie band name here] definitely would and since he loves [insert third alterna/indie band name here] I'm pretty sure he would also like [insert fourth alterna/indie band name here]. We will see soon.

    If you guys haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out [insert new Veronica/Buffy/BSG fan site here]. It rocks.

    In parting, I love [insert tv girlfriend here].

    And then tophatter2 manages to up the ante by writing something I honestly think I wrote myself:

    People, can we PLEASE get one thing straight: I AM A MORTAL. Not "immortal", but A mortal. Just because I occasionally talk to a showrunner does not mean I have special powers. I AM NOT TELEKINETIC (although that would be pretty cool). Nor do I think I am "better than you." Jesus.

    In other news, Jenny Lewis is very pretty and so is her voice.

    In conclusion, I neglected to include Flash Forward in my poll.