May 18th, 2006

Rob loves me

Rob's Declassified Network Survival Guide

Okay, now that The CW has officially announced that they are picking up Veronica Mars (bonus: Dawn Ostroff totally fucking mentioned the plane!), I can let you guys in on some intel from mid-April that had been labelled TOP SECRET by Rob Thomas.

Contrary to popular insider belief, in mid-April, Rob did not know that they were being picked up. He was told they were heavily favored, surely, but nothing was set in stone. Neither the network nor the studio had any claim on him for the coming fall.

Which is why NBC was able to offer him the showrunning gig for Friday Night Lights. And they wanted him exclusively.

Friday Night Lights is a drama about Texas high school football that shoots in Rob's hometown of Austin. You can imagine, then, that the offer was "pretty goddamn tempting." Throw in the fact that because he'd be playing with the big dogs, he'd have a huge budget and be promoted like crazy because of NBC's getting back in the NFL business, and it's a tough decision. Especially because the pilot he saw was "AWESOME." He was making himself sad wishing he could do both, but he wasn't going to put VM in jeopardy.

He passed on the offer a couple days after he told me about it; I don't know how long he'd been considering it. I thought it was awesome that he was even asked.

But that is what could have been. And that is Rob's devotion to Veronica Mars.