May 10th, 2006

Smarter than me, Smarter than me again

Do You Smell Bacon?

Last year's FinaleCon was tophatter2 coming over to my house with store-bought snickerdoodles. This year's was a more extravagant affair.

In attendance were cadhla, porpentine, harriettheelf, holly96, and beeker121, all of crashing ivyisgilgamesh's sister's place. First, we had pizza and discussed theatre mishaps throughout the years. Then we watched the Glimore Girls finale and ate cookes brought by holly96 and made by harriettheelf, who also brought snickerdoodles to watch during the Veronica Mars finale. Afterwards, we watched a bit of South Park and discussed comics.

beeker121 gives ridiculously good hugs. The kind you savor afterwards.

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