April 15th, 2006

When Polter-Cows Attack!

Steven's Penultimate Night in Town

Things I want to remember happened after the movers packed the majority of my life into boxes:
  • Gave Ronnie a long long hug and Stu a manly handshake when they came to pick up their microwave
  • Chatted with Holly, Paul, and Mark in lab
  • Ran into Chelsea on my way to donate my Magritte poster to the library and my canned food (including tuna from jeeperstseepers) to the homeless
  • Went on puzzling errands
  • Had dinner at Mr. Greek's with Melanie (toughcookie42) and Chelsea in one of the booths Melanie and I most often get
  • Paid for Melanie's dinner, which was the exact cost of my own, and let her pay for mine, which was the exact cost of hers
  • Suggested to Melanie that we watch Boondock Saints because it was a movie she'd been wanting to show me since we first became friends
  • Slept through about twenty minutes of Boondock Saints (because I'm sleep-deprived) but enjoyed the rest of the movie
  • Ate lots of fancy cheeses, including Brie, Gouda, and some Mexican cheese whose name I can't remember, with Wheat Thins and strawberries, and why did no one tell me until now that strawberries taste so fucking good with fancy cheeses?
  • Played the Lord of the Rings game with Kristine (miklthor), who was nice and let me play as Ara-fucking-gorn
  • Sang along to the Fever music of Dr. Mario with Kristy
  • Was eligible to go to the moon with Kristine because my name had five letters
  • Drank hot chocolate Chelsea made for me
  • Attempted to see a modern update of Lysistrata at Basement Arts, but it was full
  • Watched a couple of episodes of Beavis and Butthead back at the Chenhaus and laughed our asses off at jokes involving butts and balls and buttcracks and Juan Valdez
  • Tried, like, thinking about stuff, but thinking sucks
  • Watched a horrific episode of a horrific show called Date My Mom
  • Thought the object of the game was to choose a mom to date rather than a daughter
  • Took some bites of a green tea ice cream ball thing that Kristy recommended
  • Colored in letters on the Wheat Thins box and was deemed adorable
  • Played a rousing game of Oh Hell
  • Called everyone whores
  • Saw Melissa (rewopswaj), finally, who came with an entourage
  • Laughed at a joyously inebriated Robin
  • Lost Oh Hell to Kristine, who played surprisingly well for a first-timer
  • Kicked Melanie's ass, which was all that mattered
  • Received hugs, not blowjobs, from Melanie, Chelsea, Kristine, and Kristy

I'm going to miss my girls.