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The Book of the Celestial Cow

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March 29th, 2006

02:55 am - The Bloggers vs. Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring
Tonight I participated in an online press conference with Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring, sponsored by UPN and their marketing obsession with bloggers. We called in and asked questions, and they answered. Yes, there were some small spoilers, as there always are with these things, BUT thanks to beppergirl, you can still read my recap because the spoilers will TOTALLY BE OBFUSCATED AND SKIPPABLE. (Um, you were supposed to read that, spoilerphobes. It's okay.) I'll also try to denote how spoilery things are so you can selectively highlight. There was nothing specific about the major mysteries, no worries.

Let's begin. If you don't want to read the write-up, there's still an important poll for you to take at the end!

Will the bloggers ask hard-hitting questions? Will I hijack the conference to chat with Rob about how cute Greta is? Will Rob and/or Jason make a fool out of himself? Find out inside!Collapse )

Poll #700230 Dial 7-7-8 for Mystery!

Rob has proposed the idea of, rather than having one Big Mystery spanning 22 episodes, having three shorter mysteries spanning about 7, 7, and 8 episodes. What do you think?

Great idea! More opportunities for new viewers to jump in and increase the ratings!
Good idea! This could lead to more energy and faster-paced mysteries!
That's an idea! I'm not really sure what I think about it!
Bad idea! This could lead to less complex and interesting mysteries!
Worst. Idea. EVER! The show is nothing without a season-long mystery!

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