February 28th, 2006


Grim Mandango

On Saturday, thanks to a heads-up from tamarai, I attended this workshop at 826michigan. Javier Grillo-Marxuach of Lost was going to talk about writing for television. It sounded like it could be interesting, and, hey, I could meet the illustrious chaodai.

First, however, I met tamarai and her husband at Jerusalem Garden for lunch. Turns out they have seating in the back. I satisfied my craving for falafel with hummus (which I had not eaten since I had one with aimeejmc and miracleman). Afterwards, Tamara and I killed time at Borders.

Tamara's husband dropped us off at the 826 building, and we went inside. Right there in the lobby was a man who looked suspiciously like Javi, but without his trademark yellow shades. Since I was only 99% certain and he was "off the clock," as it were, I didn't accost him. Instead, I confirmed to the nice young lady behind the counter that I was on the guest list and handed her a check for fifty tax-deductible dollars.

Another woman pointed us to the workshop room, which had food. Coke! Cupcakes! Puzzles!! The puzzles were not edible, and they were already finished, but they were still exciting.

Honestly, if I were feeling more inspired right now, I could do this place justice, because it was way cool. Many colors, very quaint. But I'll just hang on to my memory for now.

Javi came to the front and told us all to move in closer. There were only about eight of us. It was going to be intimate.

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