February 14th, 2006

Love the cow

Friendship Crush Memestravaganza!

Happy Singles Appreciation Valentine's Day! Thank you to whoever bought me a virtual box of chocolates. It gave me a smile when I needed it.

To celebrate this day of love, I am running a Friendship Crush Meme. What is a friendship crush, you ask?

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So comment to this post and describe your friendship crush on a fellow LJer. What is so awesome about him? Make her feel loved. Anonymously or nonymously, I do not care. We will bond over everyone's awesomeness.

And if you want to play the other way, that's fine too: leave a comment with your name and inspire others to declare their friendship crushes for you! Anonymously or nonymously, I do not care!

It's a love party in my comments, and everyone's invited!

And if you love me, you'll fill out that frelling Johari Window everyone's going on about. Break me down into five or six adjectives, and we'll see if the results are interesting.

Now let's get this party started.