February 5th, 2006

Buffy Veronica Suck

I Hate VM! And Rob Thomas! And Sunshine!

It has come to my attention that there are "certain people" who are quashing critical analysis of Veronica Mars. These people, if reports are to be believed, are raiding people's houses and actually smashing their computers, only to replace them with consoles that are capable solely of communicating such phrases as "Bravo, Rob Thomas!" and "What a fantastic episode! My cancer has been cured!" Word has it that if you say a single bad thing about the show or insinuate in any way that Rob Thomas is not an infallible genius, you will be shot in the head.

I am well aware that "certain people" = spectralbovine. I've garnered quite a reputation for being defensive of Rob, and I make no apologies for it. I correspond with the guy. I like him. We talk about music and video games and how damn cute his baby is. It is only natural for me to be irrationally sensitive when people talk shit about him and his work. Me, personally. The fandom proper have their own reasons.

I've also, however, garnered quite a reputation for disallowing criticism of the show, which is patently untrue. Witness this very post, which explains all that was wrong with how the Veronica/Duncan relationship was portrayed this season. Then look at my response, which was not, "Shut up, you fucking hater," but, "Thank you." It's not criticism that bugs me; it's the prevailing tone.

I know I've been more positive about this season than, seemingly, most of the fandom, but to paint me as someone who doesn't want the fandom to criticize the show ignores the fact that I criticize the show all the fucking time. (As a side note: so does Couch Baron, and I agree with his criticisms most of the time.)

So now, let's go back and revisit some of my favorite Trevor memories everything bad I've said about the show this season. Enjoy!

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Am I a big bubbling fountain of vitriol? No. Do I cling to a basic love of the show, give the writers the benefit of the doubt, wait to see where the story takes me, choose to emphasize the good points over the bad, and foster an environment where criticism is welcome but not the default stance? Yes.

Go Pirates Steelers.