January 30th, 2006


Hide and Go Fuck Yourself

So. The last couple weeks, I've been getting a lot of anonymous shit. Not just in The Meme That Shall Not Be Named, but in other people's journals. Whose comments have been collapsed. Implying that someone deliberately read my comment in order to make a rude reply.

And, you know, whatever. People are bitches. I'm not universally loved, big fucking deal. I don't need to be universally loved. I only want to be loved more than I'm hated, and I think I've got that pretty well covered.

So I don't care if random assholes get their kicks from insulting me. What gets me is the possibility that some of these assholes aren't random. That maybe some of them are you. And if so, if you're here masquerading as my friend, pretending everything's cool between us, but you're using the cloak of anonymity to vent whatever frustrations you have with me, I have two words for you:


Wait, shit, who's been fucking with my Scrabble tiles? Okay, here we go:


If you're being anonymously rude to someone who actually knows you, you're not an anonymouse. You're an anonyrat. No, wait, that's unfair to rats. You're anonyscum. If you've got issues with me, take them up with me. Personally.

I realize this sounds way more accusatory than I meant it to be, as if I have actual suspects in mind. I don't. It's just a fear I have because I am insecure. I'm sure you're all awesome and would never do such a thing. Except maybe you. Come on, you know who you are. Okay, you don't. Neither do I, anyway.

To make up for my baseless accusations, I give you three things that amuse me.

The first is my unused idea for this week's MI.net update:

Damn! "Donut Run" was a great an awful an episode of television! I have so much trust in the writers no more trust in the writers a television. If you don't think that "Donut Run" rocked sucked aired, you suck suck are human.

The second is cindywrites's "Donut Run" post, which may very well be the best post in the history of the universe. Because the comments are fucking priceless. They're collapsed now, but the clicking is worth it.

Finally, my filk of "Three Blind Mice" inspired by aprilbegins.

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