December 26th, 2005

When Polter-Cows Attack!

The Chocolate Invasion

First of all, "The Christmas Invasion" was great, I am now won over by David Tennant as Ten, and I love Doctor Who so much and want the new season to start RIGHT NOW. I would write a detailed analysis, but hobviously has already done a slam-bang job. Highly recommended reading for all.

Tonight, I met schnappycat (Agent Laura)! And her husband, Dave! We met at Amer's, a place sure to have...cake. I had decided I could probably live without cake, as it was not a necessary expense, but Laura offered to buy me cake, as it was not right for me not to have cake. And she had to maintain her reputation of not being a bitch. I settled on the Oreo cheesecake, which had been calling me. She chose the chocolate peanut butter torte so as not to mimic Dave's selection of the intense chocolate mousse torte.

This is the obligatory paragraph where I mention that Laura is just as pretty in real life as she is in pictures (perhaps prettier, even), and she's not allowed to complain about her weight because there's nothing to complain about.

At our booth, I gave her a Boxing Day present: an Emm Gryner mix CD. She was pleased; she noted to Dave that I had really good taste in music. According to Dave, Emm sounded like Sarah McLachlan, But he was not completely off his rocker, as he'd gotten the Butterfly Boucher CD for Christmas. Slowly, he was being schooled in the ways of girly music, although he preferred his women angry like Alanis.

Conversation continued in this manner until Amer's kicked us out and we talked some more in Espresso Royale. Hot conversation topics included:
  • how many more pieces of cake Laura could eat
  • the variety of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory
  • special trips to Chicago just to go to the Cheesecake Factory, under the guise of "shopping" to make it socially acceptable
  • Dave's inability to remember who Meg was
  • Laura's fondness for One Tree Hill
  • pretty people on television and ugly people on Roseanne
  • the possibility that Boise, Idaho, was an up-and-coming city and therefore a great place to take a job if the opportunity presented itself
  • buying TV shows on DVD, specifically the practice of coming out with special deluxe editions and/or offering major discounts
  • the crappiness of the X-Files finale
  • Laura's tendency to fall in love with shows that got cancelled
  • the quantitative value of time spent sleeping over at a family member's house in relation to time spent awake and visiting (0.3, 0.5, or 0.7?)
  • the importance of having good music on a television show
  • the crappiness of "One Angry Veronica"
  • what to wear in Austin, and whether wearing a Go Pirates! shirt to the event would make you That Guy, the one who wears a Tegan and Sara shirt to a Tegan and Sara concert
  • bad science/medicine/mathematics/skating on television shows
  • the laws of physics being broken when a standing Superman stops a moving train with his hand and no frictional force is transferred to the ground
  • Laura's friend who was an assistant staff writer on Eyes and whose first episode was never filmed because they were cancelled
  • reasons why we never see Logan surfing
  • the possibility that he drives his Xterra completely into the ocean and then gets out to surf
  • the desire for a Veronica Mars musical episode
  • Dave's inability to tell Logan and Duncan apart
  • the fact that Kristen Bell is hot