November 29th, 2005

Forget Me Now

We're Supposed to Get Some Books. On Stalin.

I know you all have been eagerly awaiting the second half of our Cathy Belben interview, so...there it is. Check out my mad interviewing skillz! She talks about dream casting, questions about the episode, and her fellow writers, among other things. Oh, and we find out what she's wearing. And what I'm wearing. Also, it has the best ending to an interview ever. EVER.

Now, some pimping.

cindywrites talks to Buffy about VM. She's taking the breakup kind of hard, I think.

horsefacehannah makes out with a cat. I link because she is pretty. Karen, not the kitty.

This book and this book are the greatest books ever.

The former:

It contains 365 daily orders, each one of which could turn your humdrum existence into a daily free-fall. On day 295, propose to a complete stranger. On day 181, get your street renamed after you. On day 16, discreetly give the finger to everyone you meet. Other days encourage self-crucifixion, currency manipulation, and writing to dictators.

The latter:

Days to spice up your life include:

* Claim you're Jesus day
* Lobby Celine Dion to sing about you
* Bake naked day
* Let children rule the world
* Speak only Esperanto day
* Speed-read
War and Peace

And the ever-popular Pour Cocaine Down an Anthill Day.

Well. I've run out of things to pimp already. I rock at padding posts.