November 22nd, 2005

Veronica smile

'This Is a Library, Xander.' 'Since When?'

Before I get to the topic at hand, I must do some of my patented pimping.

cindywrites breaks up with Buffy for Veronica, and it's the most brilliant thing you'll read this week. Promise. Seriously. Go, read it, show her some love, and then come back.

Wasn't it awesome? All right, on the subject of brilliance, have you been reading Beaver's LiveJournal? wee_warriorgrim squeaker is the mastermind here, and she cracks us up like whoa. For this last episode, she wrote him a drunk PhonePost. Make sure to play with the Last Episode drop-down menu to see the post that Dick comments on, since we had to take it out this week.

On the subject of things that aren't brilliant, you should read my new Meg bio. Because I kind of like it. I had a silly idea, and I think it turned out rather interesting.

Okay, but here's what this post is all about.

I interviewed Cathy Belben. Well, backup10wyk and I did. We've only uploaded the first half, but dude. I totally interviewed one of the VM writers. I mean, it was my first time, and I kind of sucked at it, as you'll see,'s still cool. So go read it. Cathy was fun to talk to, and she had a lot of interesting stories to tell. You'll get to hear more of those stories when we get the second half up.

I also wrote the intro to the interview! Because I am just that cool! Oh, who am I kidding.