November 13th, 2005


Video Killed the Fanfic Star

This post includes vid recs, musicspam, and a special request.

Firstly, f1renze.

Déjà Vu—I don't know Something for Kate, but I really like this song, and this vid has some utterly fantastic editing in parts. It focuses on the friendship between Veronica and Lilly, both pre- and post-murder. Even Rob thought it was "pretty impressive" and "a lot of fun."

Next up, ladydisdain225, who's signed up to do 100 VM vids. Here are two that I've really enjoyed so far:

The Internet Is for Porn—I haven't seen Avenue Q, but this song is pretty funny, and it's surprising how well it works. Who knew that's what all the Neptune kids were up to with their computers?

Walk Through the Fire—Yes, that "Walk Through the Fire." This vid is fucking awesome, even if you normally stick your tongue out at the constant comparisons to Buffy.

Lastly, naty_.

Supermarket Sweep—It uses music from Requiem for a Dream, employs Fincher-style editing, and portrays Duncan as a scary mofo. You might have to download some extra codecs (she provides a good site), but it's so very worth it. I've watched it four or five times already. See if you can catch all the ghost-Lillys.

A Better Son—An oldie but goodie, this is the vid that kicked off my Rilo Kiley love. It's a Logan vid, but not necessarily a Logan/Veronica vid (although I am amused by the clip used for the second "your ship may be coming in").

Now, here are some songs I've been listening to recently, and I've deliberately chosen six songs that sound almost nothing alike.

Our Lady Peace - Angels Losing Sleep—Off the new album and courtesy of briasoleil. It's very pretty.

Lukewarm Freeda - Little Miss Get-Around—This is the punk song The Beav was listening to in "Driver Ed."

Marilyn Manson - The Fight Song—I'm not sure why I've suddenly become addicted to this song. That just happens with me sometimes, even though I've had a song for months.

Love Spit Love - Am I Wrong—From the same people who brought you the Charmed version of "How Soon Is Now?" comes this nice little song.

Jump - Mexico—From the band formerly known as Jump, Little Children. A little more downbeat and deliberate than the stuff on Magazine.

The Dresden Dolls - Bad Habit—Brechtian punk cabaret. Self-injury has never been so glorious.

Finally, a special request. Rob begins directing episode 11 of Veronica Mars tomorrow. It's his directorial debut. Since it's his first time directing, I wanted to wish him luck. So if you would, leave your best wishes, and I'll compile them (without names attached, no worries) and e-mail him tomorrow morning. Thanks.