October 31st, 2005

Life online

Stop Bugging Erin

A few orders of business, just for the hell of it!

1. If you are in any way interested in and capable of going to the Alamo Drafthouse marathon, join alamo_marsathon. Our motto is "Keep the crazies away!" Or something like that. I know none of you are dumb enough to tell the fandom at large about this. Because you want a ticket.

2. If you have ever seen an episode of Veronica Mars, you will know that horsefacehannah had the BEST. COSTUME. EVER.

3. If you haven't been around Mars Investigations in a while, we've got gobs of new features. You can now see the latest Who's Who entries all at once, and I suggest you do, if only for my Cupid, Sunset, and Vaughn entries. There are some other good ones, of course. We now have Roundtable Reviews of the latest episodes, so you can get varying opinions and snarky discussion without wading through the entire Internet. We have a Behind the MiNi Mafia section documenting some of our more amusing debates. And finally, we even have our very own webcomic. (And if you don't have mars_investgtns on your flist, add it!) So please, check out the site. We put a lot of work into it, and we have a lot of fun, but we hope people take full advantage of all we do.