October 23rd, 2005

Buffy Veronica Suck

True Fans Don't Want to Do Things Like That

So it does seem that the post (in its multiple locations) I linked to the other day did in fact set off somewhat of a miniwank, and, having endorsed it, I wanted to respond to the wild accusations about its implications as to what a "True Fan" should be like, but I couldn't exactly find the words, so zimshan found them for me.

That wasn't enough, though, because you haven't been dewanked until hobviously has punched you in the face. Well said, buttons. Well said.

Because of these two lovely people, you were spared a post not only about the situation at hand, but also about how I define myself by my fandom, which is a dangerous thing when a show is so close to cancellation, because what if part of my identity gets cancelled?! And about how I escape into the online world where I am supercool and popular in order to ignore the sad state of my real life. And about the existential quandaries of "What is the point of living?" and "No one will care about me or remember who I am or what I did in a hundred years anyway!" and "If nothing we do matters, WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT, ANGEL? WHAT'S THE FUCKING POINT?!"

Yes, my friends, you have successfully avoided that particular angstfest. Instead, you have earned yourselves the opportunity to dance around to my most-played song this week, "I Am a Scientist," by the Dandy Warhols.

I love you guys. Thanks for being around.