October 15th, 2005


Why Don't You Go See the Lizard? Uh, Eddie Izzard? Okay, the Wizard.

This is a post about Michael Muhney's adventures in fandom. Michael Muhney, as you may know, plays the lovable scamp of a sheriff known as Don Lamb.

About a month or so ago, he started posting on Fan Forum. But for cran's sake, I won't talk any more about that. Especially since I don't know much about it besides that he chatted with his fans a lot. And he liked seeing himself in icons.

Then, though, he hit LJ as thewizrd. And he actually commented on people's fic. Hell, not just any fic: Veronica/Lamb fic.

Soon, the lovely schnappycat set up rack_of_lamb, the premier Lamb community, where Michael comments frequently. All Lamb fans should join.

This past week, however, has been particularly interesting.

First, Michael made a cameo in a PhonePost by kben at the DVD release party.

Then he went so far as to comment on snoopypez's account of the event.

The major kicker, however, occurred when sadiekate posted a fic. Just look at his response. Crazy! I mean, who is this guy? Actors aren't supposed to respond to fic like that! They're supposed to be, like, "Whoa, you're making me do things I don't do on the show! That's SO WEIRD. MAKE IT STOP OMG."

Because he kept saying people should e-mail him, I dropped him a line, and his response started thusly:

Ahhh, I feel special, I get an email from the famous Polter-Cow!! I see your name everywhere. I am honored that you took the time to write to me. That is awesome. Thank you!

In what crazy mixed-up world is an actor on my favorite show honored to get an e-mail from me?

The same kind of crazy mixed-up world where said actor records an incredibly sweet PhonePost about how much he appreciates his fans.

Finally, the entire purpose of this post is to pimp my analysis of Lamb, as it were. Because Michael said it was well thought out.

And then he added it to his Memories. Uh.

So Michael Muhney is apparently the sweetest, nicest actor alive. And I am the only post in his Memories. Who wants to touch me?