October 7th, 2005

Natalie squee


If you are cool, you have visited my science blog, Protein Angst. If you are more than cool, you remember my last post, "Harry Potter and the Order of the T Cells."

You see, however, I am cooler than all of you, because today I received an e-mail...from the subject of the post:

Dear Sunil,

I enjoyed reading your blog about my talk at Univ. Michigan. You explained it better than I did.


K. George Chandy, MD, PhD
One of his former postdocs came across it. I am so Google-able.

If any of you are truly interested in his work, he left a comment with a link to one of his papers.

I...don't know what to say. I didn't even think he'd ever see it. I put Protein Angst on my résumé, and I hope it helps. It would help if I actually updated it more than once every two or three months. But goddammit, I want the Internet to work for me. I want some prospective employer to stumble across my blog and say, "Hey, this kid knows how to explain science! Even the guy whose work he's explaining says so! We should totally hire him before someone else does. And give him a fuckload of money."