September 29th, 2005

Mortal wound

Rob Thomas Spy Pen Exclusive!

At the end of the VM finale in May, one question was burning the brains of millions of fans worldwide. No, not "Who's at the door?" No, not "On a scale of 7,000 to infinity, how much of a bitch is Lianne?" But:


After discovering that many of my fellow flisters shared my consternation, I finally broke down and asked Rob myself:

Also, a number of us submitted the same question to the Kristin chat, but apparently she didn't ask it, and it's a question I've been wanting to have answered since the finale: What about Lilly's spy pen? What was in it? Why was it so important? I was so sure it was going to figure in the finale (in fact, I vowed to punch you (lightly!) if it didn't), didn't. It was this great, ominous "Hot Dogs" cliffhanger, and then it was never mentioned again.

I wasn't sure if he would answer. BUT HE DID. To quote the man himself, you heard it here first.

It was simply going to be an obsessive, stalker-ish letter with some implied threat that would've made Weevil the likely suspect in Lilly's murder. He never actually carried out these threats, but there would've been something in the vein of "bashing your head in," that would've really stood out.

I wanted to reveal this at some point, but we just ran out of space in Season 1.

So, there you have it. Now we know, and we can stop tossing and turning at night.

If you're going to touch on it in the future, don't spoil me, but if it's just not as important as we thought it was, then...we'd like to stop thinking about it. Thanks.

And Lynn Echolls is dead.

Unless I decide she's not.