September 3rd, 2005

Frou Frou

Charity for Cheap Bastards, Sponsored by EB Games

I don't think you need to read one more post about Katrina. One more post about how awful it is and how many people have died. One more post about the chaos and madness that has swept what's left of humanity. One more post about whose fault it is and how much sooner aid should have come. One more post about Bush and racism. Right now, the entire situation is pretty much unfathomable to me. I honestly cannot comprehend what is going on. I am leaving the eloquent sympathy and vitriolic rage to other people.

I don't think you need one more post telling you to go donate to the Red Cross or any other such charity organization. If you were able to do so, I am certain you would have by now. (cerulgalactus mentions, "[A]s good as it is that everyone has given to the Katrina fund, the Tsunami fund is also a going concern, so if people can split their donations, then we all win.")

What I am here for is to provide some links for alternative methods of donation. Ways to help out that may not cost you a cent or ways to help out that provide you with a more tangible benefit than virtue itself.

squirrelgirl22 is running a comments-for-dollars post. For each comment she receives, she will donate $1 to the United Way (up to $1500, and the post currently only has 1005 comments). Additionally, her company will match employee donations, so your comment is actually worth $2. errantpenny is running a similar post with $2 comments for the Red Cross.

cleolinda is opening up a CafePress store to sell the usual CafePress stuff emblazoned with quotes from M15Ms. All proceeds will go to a charity or charities to be chosen via a poll in that post.

allthelivesofme will donate her half of the profits from sales of her book to the Red Cross.

fandom_aid_auct is running auctions for various items, including CDs, comics, and movies. I imagine that once the word gets out, there will be more items. Bids are basically pledges to donate, and then you get the item.

The New England Browncoats are raising money to donate to the Red Cross. You don't get anything special here, but this is for people who like a little fandom in their charity.

Over 5000 musicians at CD Baby will donate all money from the sale of their CDs (I'm not sure whether that means the entire purchase price or just their cut, but given how much CD Baby rocks, I'm inclined to think the former) to the Red Cross disaster relief fund. CD Baby lets you listen to two whole minutes of selected tracks rather than measly thirty-second samples, so you can tell whether you'll actually like the music or not. Go, browse, try something new. You get music, people get help.

Finally, TWoP is sponsoring a Tubey's Kids Katrina Classroom Care Donation Drive. Unlike everything else in this entry, the money here goes specifically to fund "Classroom Care Packages" for students dislocated by Katrina. TWoP will cover all credit card and PayPal fees, and for every $2000 raised, a recapper will recap something totally recappable he's always wanted to recap. Last night, soon after it went up, they had raised less than $2000. Now, it's already close to $8000, which is ri-goddamn-diculous. But awesome. You have till midnight on my birthday to contribute.

Virtue may be its own reward, but there's no harm in getting a little something extra.