August 24th, 2005

Mortal wound

I Like This Game. It's...Tawdry.

All right, so if you've been around TWoP recently, you'll notice that the latest craze is the Survival Game, where you award and deduct points from the characters in your show, and when they reach zero, you get to kill them.

Because my fandom is awesome (crazy, but awesome), I have compiled here a summary of the deaths we came up with. They are terribly entertaining, and some of them are simply brilliant, especially toward the end. After a while, we had deaths prepared in advance and coordinated so that we could use them. You'll find references to other television shows, famous poems, and TWoP posters. You'll find deaths in various formats, from news article to limerick. Enjoy!

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In conclusion, Diane Ruggiero is hot.