July 17th, 2005

Serenity comin' at ya!

Battlestar Galactica? More Like "Battlestar Scralatchtica"!

So. I had heard nothing but good things about BSG, but I hadn't caught the miniseries back in the day, and I was watching a lot of shows already, so the first season passed me by.

But now is the summer of my discontent, and kieyra uploaded the mini for me. The volume was really really low, but I tried not to hold that against it. I watched it last Saturday, and I'd planned to only watch the first half, but it didn't end with an appropriately climactic cliffhanger, so I trucked along late into the night. I thought it was pretty good, satisfactory. Nothing special, though. The ending was an OMGWTF moment I realized I would probably been spoiled for if I'd understood the comments I had read on the forums earlier. Luckily, I am stupid and forgetful.

Then the lovely kiwikazoomisskiwi mailed me the first season on several CDs, though they didn't arrive in time for me watch the S2 premiere. They arrived yesterday.

I watched the entire first season in 11.5 hours.

Which, given the amount of continuity on this show, works surprisingly well. I'm getting rather fond of this thirteen-episode-season concept. It forces you to make every episode count. To advance the story with every scene. To, rather than introduce something totally new, take advantage of something old and use it for a new purpose.

It's hard to figure out what my opinion of the show is, having watched it in one go as I did. You get a different reaction to a show when you watch it every week and discuss it with your friends until the next episode, so that each individual episode is exalted anew. I'm not sure which superlatives to use. I know that's it really, really good. Probably really, really good. Maybe great. Maybe it rocks. Perhaps it's fucking awesome. I do know that this is one kickass sci-fi drama.

And it's definitely a drama. It's very...serious. There isn't enough humor in all thirteen episodes to fill out even half an episode. Which isn't a criticism, just an observation.

Identity Issues? Check. Making the Hard Choices? Check like fucking whoa. Power Struggles? Check. Hot Chicks and Cleavage? Check. I think I should probably also add Prophecies and Shit Like That.

Maybe they only did this in the Sky One airings, or maybe they changed the credits for the new season, but I really like the montage of scenes from the episode after the opening credits. And I love the music! All pounding drums and all. The music for the show is really good; it's very ambient and never gets in the way of action. It simply underscores it without calling attention to itself, saying, "Feel, dammit, feel!"

All right, I'm itching to jump to the spoilery section, just because I feel like I can better say what I need to. So, here are some non-spoilery reasons why the show is so good. As I said earlier, continuity plays a very big part; the events of one episode are not forgotten and continue to have effects in the future. There are a lot of characters, and the major secondary characters feel like real people, even if they're not given a lot to do, which is probably a credit to the actors. And speaking of not being given a lot to do, the show never feels obligated to use characters it doesn't need. Different episodes have varied screentime for the characters, depending on who's necessary. The show takes a real look at how human civilization might try to function after being nearly wiped out, albeit from a rather skewed perspective of those in control.

Also, there are robots and spaceships and explosions.

Okay then, if you were at all interested in checking out BSG and were just waiting around for my opinion, there you have it. Fucking watch it. Now, go away before you get spoiled.

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And luckily, I had the S2 premiere ready to watch on tape today. Stop scrolling if you haven't seen it yet.

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So, okay. Battlestar Galactica? Awesome show. Now, time to read glumpishStrega's recaps. I have a feeling I'll enjoy them a lot, because I really like it when the recapper actually likes the show they're recapping.